Mission:To match children and youth, who will benefit, with mentors who will help them build confidence and self-esteem.


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What is a mentor? To put it simply, a mentor is a mature adult who wants to make a positive difference in the lives of children and youth. You don't need to have specific talents or skills, or even be a certain age; mentors come with their own unique life experiences to share with a young person. 


However, there is certainly a lot more that goes into being a mentor so it is important to consider your ability to communicate with young people, to engage in activities with young people and to adapt to their varying needs. (If you are unsure about your ability to mentor, check out the "is mentoring for me" page to walk through our mentoring quiz).  

There are a few steps necessary to become a mentor. Just contact our office and we'll walk you through them.

1. We'll Interview you to get to know you

2. You'll provide references of people who can speak about you 

3. We'll do a Background check, including a police check

4. Once you're selected to be a mentor we'll get you involved.


Mentoring provides boys and girls with positive role models, caring advocates and someone to guide them towards their potential. Through our group programs and community activities, mentors develop friendships with the mentees, that are built on trust and common interests. From this, a Mentor Connections can be made: the result is a life-changing experience for both the mentor and the mentee.

                                 To be a Mentor requires a commitment to be involved in the program.

At minimum, you can attend the Group programs (2 hours, once a month) and be a positive adult for the whole group of Mentees.

Got a little more time? You can join or run a Community Activity (bi-weekly or weekly)  and work with a smaller group of kids in an interest based activity throughout the year. 

Want to work individually? A Mentor connection requires a commitment to meet with your mentee at least twice a month for a scheduled outing and a minimum of a 1 year commitment. 

The program strives to do the following:

  • provide a role model to a needy child/youth.
  • promote the importance of school and academic achievement 
  • promote healthy relationships with family and peers.
  • teach social skills.
  • instill trust and self-confidence to give a groundwork for making healthy decisions.
  • encourage leadership skills and independence.
  • have a ton of fun!‚ÄčType your paragraph here.