2020 Donors

P Gold/R Montag​B Brown, P Protomanni, B&M Edington, A Rivers-Moore, ​G & S Dow, Anonymous, D Boughan​J & T Bradacs, ​J & D Lowe, E Howe, D Simpson, ​​L McGregor, M & L Clinch, ​E Mathers, ​K Duquette, Anonymous, ​D Borsook, C Newton Schmidt, J Pettinger, D Harvie, J & D Lowe (In-Kind),

2019 Donors

P Gold/R Montag   G & S Dow    ​B Brown  J & T Bradacs  ​J & D Lowe  ​C Newton Schmidt  D Flynn  R Linnin  ​​E Howe              D Borsook  E Mathers  Ayton Residential Lodge

2018 Donors

​B Brown G & S Dow  ​B&M Edington P Gold/R Montag  J & T Bradacs ​ J & D Lowe  M Schmidt   ​Bryan Poetz           M Clinch  A & F Shelley  R Linnin  M Poste ​​E Howe  D Borsook  T McLaughlin ​ N & D Devlin  ​K & S Batten             ​K Esmond  

2017 Donors

   B Brown    P Gold/R Montag   J&D Lowe   D Simpson   D Loewen   B&M Edington  G& S Dow   A Pendergast             M Mauer (Mom's to Mom's sale)  D Ahrens   M Schmitt  J&T Bradacs     C Newton-Schmitt    Anonymous x 3

2016 Donors

  J&D Lowe    T McGrath   L&B Rody    M Kwandt  B Brown  L&C Poetz   R Linnen   J&T Bradacs  G Dow   T Baran    J Unrau   C Newton-Schmidt   S Dow    P Gold/R Montag   N Stolfi   A Pendergast   Anonymous    B Gayman          D Ahrens

L Bridgen

​L&B Rody

​E Mathers

M&L Clinch

D Flynn

P Protomanni

​B&M Edington

J Lowe

​A Rivers-Moore

D Boughan​ 

K Protomanni

C More

​P McCombie

​J&T Bradacs


  Mission:To match children and youth, who will benefit, with mentors who will help them build confidence and self-esteem.

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"Giving is not just about making a donation, it is about making a difference."  ~ Kathy Calvin

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