Mission:To match children and youth, who will benefit, with mentors who will help them build confidence and self-esteem.

Bruce Grey Mentorship is committed to children and youth in our community:

• by promoting friendships and developing strong interpersonal skills through one on one mentoring.

• by encouraging and organizing group activities for the children and youth in our program.

• by creating a safe environment for the children and youth to reach their potential.


Seeing a need in our community for focused mentoring for children and youth, Bruce Grey Mentorship was developed to fill the gap. 

July 2015 - Organization developed

Oct 2016 -  Official launch

June 2017 -Mentee registration began

Nov 2018 - Move to new facility 

Bruce Grey Mentorship serves children and youth from the ages of 6 to 16 who are in need of a positive adult mentor.

We cover various demographics, cultures and needs. Whether it be due to the loss of a parent or because a child needs some extra guidance and support, we are here to fill that gap.

our history