Partners and Major Donors

2018 Donors

 The Leflar Foundation, Community Foundation Grey Bruce, Intact Insurance, Town of Hanover​, ​​CMR, The Rotary Club of Hanover, ​The Cooperators, Hanover and Durham, ​Power Workers Union, ​Hanover Kitchens and Bath, Edgewell Personal Care, Hanover Meridian, ​West Brothers Furniture, Woodhouse Brewing, ​New Life Mills, Hanover Knights of Columbus, ​Bluewater Radio (in Kind)St Andrews Church, Chesley Rotary Club, Primerica, Fidler Moving, Kirstine Realty, Whitehead Financial, Hanover New Car Dealers, Leslie Motors, BDO, Immaculate Conception CWL, Benevity Community Impact Fund, Larsen and Shaw, Saugeen Valley Safety Village, Hanover Auto Centre, Holst Office Pro (in Kind), New Orleans Pizza (In kind), Pizza Delight (In kind), Hanover Pizza House (In kind), Hanover Missionary Church, Neustadt Happy Adventures, Gemini Canada, Legion Lottery, Elmwood Chamber of Commerece. 



Businesses/Organizations, Foundations and Service Clubs


Government of Canada
      Emergency Wage Subsidy


2019 Donors

 The Leflar Foundation, Town of Hanover​, Community Foundation Grey Bruce, ​​CMR, The Rotary Club of Hanover, ​The Cooperators, Hanover and Durham, Edgewell Personal Care, Gemini Canada, Walmart, ​Hanover Kitchens and Bath, Hanover Meridian, ​West Brothers Furniture, Hanover Knights of Columbus, New Life Mills/P & H Milling, St Marks Lutheran Church, Elmwood Chamber of Commerce, Kinette Club of Chesley,  ​Bluewater Radio (in Kind) Chesley Rotary Club, Fidler Moving, Kirstine Realty, Whitehead Financial, Hanover New Car Dealers, Leslie Motors, BDO, Hanover Auto Centre, Holst Office Pro (in Kind), Legion 144, Legion Lottery, Hanover bentick & Brant Agricultural, Minucipality of Brockton, Dairy Queen, Heartful Wellness, District A9 Lions, JBS Clinical Pharmacy, Suits Us, 


2017 Sponsors and Donors

 ​​The Leflar Foundation, Town of Hanover​, ​Hanover Raceway, Community Foundation Grey Bruce Municipality of Brockton, New Life Mills/P&H Milling Group, ​CMR, Walmart Foundation, ​Power Workers' Union, The Rotary Club of Hanover, Elmwood Chamber of Commerce, Daniel T Craig Memorial Golf, Hanover Knights of Columbus, Hanover Legion Branch 130, Neustadt Lions Club, ​Bluewater Radio (in Kind), ​Hanover Community Players, Kinette Club of Chesley, Lutheran Co-op Choir, St Andrews Presbyterian Church, Resolution Advocates, Sweet Pea kids Clothing (in Kind), Royal Canadian Legion Branch 102, Royal Canadian Legion 130, Johnny K Sports (in Kind), Municipality of Brockton

2021 Donors

KAIROS TFW Consultation,  RBC, Immaculate Conception CWL, 



​LeFlar Foundation

​​Town of Hanover​​

The Cooperators,

    Hanover and Durham

​Community Foundation Grey Bruce

​United Way Bruce Grey


2020 Donors

 Government of Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy, ​​​LeFlar Foundation, ​Howick Mutual, Government of Canada Emergency Community Subsidy Fund, Town of Hanover​​, The Cooperators: Hanover and Durham, Edgewell Personal Care, RBC, ​Walmart, Kinsmen Club of Chesley, ​Community Foundation Grey Bruce, ​Power Workers Union, Hanover Kitchens and Bath, ​​​Fidler Moving, Hanover Meridian, ​West Brothers Furniture, Neustadt Lions Club, ​Meridian Hanover, Bob McClure Racing, ​Hanover Firefighter's Assoc.​​CMR​Bluewater Radio (in Kind) Fidler Moving, Whitehead Financial, Leslie Motors, BDO, Minucipality of Brockton, Yardistry, Leslie Motors, ECL, Lambertus Insurance, TD Hanover, BDO Hanover, Wilfred MacIntee, Canadian Tire (In-Kind) Immaculate Conception CWL, Municipality of Brockton, UPI Energy, Heartful Wellness, Simon Steeps Tea


PARTNERS ($1000+)

  Mission:To match children and youth, who will benefit, with mentors who will help them build confidence and self-esteem.