Mission:To match children and youth, who will benefit, with mentors who will help them build confidence and self-esteem.

Please note: We are currently at capacity for enrollment and are not taking any new applications at this time. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 


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Currently not accepting applications. 

If you're wondering what your child will be doing in a mentoring friendship, here is a little breakdown of possible activities and outcomes.


When your child first becomes involved with Bruce Grey Mentorship, they will first have access to our group programs. In the group programs, they will meet other children/youth involved in BGM and interact with a number of our group mentors. 

When a new mentor is accepted into our program, they will join the group program as well and get to know the kids over a few weeks while we determine who the Mentor is a good fit to create a friendship with. If your child and a Mentor hit it off, we'll bring you all together to make a match. it's that easy!

Matches will commit to meeting a minimum of 2 times a month. During a meeting, the Mentor will spend time with your child, planning outings that are interesting and meaningful to your child. They can also attend group programs and events that BGM runs throughout the year.

Possible activities: Trip to the library, going for a hike, swimming at the pool, skating, out for a treat, bird watching, building forts in the woods, attending a sports drop in, or anything that interests your child.


Becoming involved with school mentoring requires a recommendation from your school liaison. When the school has recommended your child for the School Buddies program, you will be interviewed by our caseworkers and approved for the program. A mentor will be assigned to your child based on their needs and best match with our volunteers.

The mentor will attend your child's school once a week to meet with your child and engage in various activities to support their learning and the development of social skills. The meeting will only take place in the child's school and will not result in outings. The purpose of this program is to assist your child in their academic skills, socialization and development of social skills that will help them to perform better in school.

Bruce Grey Mentorship seeks to provide mentoring programs and 1 on 1 mentors for children and youth who would benefit, from our service community. So how do you go about getting your child registered? The following information is designed to help you make an informed decision on whether your child is right for our program.


  • Must be a minimum of 6 years old up to 16 years old.
  • Priority is given to children/youth in families where a key parent or both are missing.

                               * However, children with demonstrated need for mentoring will also be considered in                                      any family situation. 

  • Must reside within or around the communities of Walkerton, Hanover, Durham, Chesley, Neustadt or Ayton.
  • Must have relatively stable home (not in crisis) and can support the mentoring friendship.
  • Child/youth must be able to function independently in the care of an adult volunteer.
  • Child/youth must be able to take care of their own hygiene concerns. 
  • Child/youth must be willing to engage in the mentoring friendship.