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We have 3 Sponsorship levels available for this event.

1. $100 Event Sponsorship – We will place your logo on our Sponsor Board.  

2. $500 House Sponsorship – (The House is the rings at each end of a sheet towards which play is directed). We will display your logo at one end of a sheet of ice and on our Sponsor Board. You will also receive 1 free team registration.

3. $1000 Presenting Sponsorship - We will place your logo/Company Name in all promotional material and displayed at event as “presented by”. You will receive 2 free team registrations.

The Other Apron

Paul Kueneman

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Ryan Enright & Associates

Hanover and Durham

We have 16 spot for teams available in the event.                      The following is a list of current teams registered: 

George and Sharon



Durham & Ayton

Durham & Ayton



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Eric Hopkins Ltd. 


1. Cooperators team 1

2. Cooperators team 2

3. Edgewell team 1

4. Edgewell team 2

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*Registration begins at 12 pm, event starts at 12:30pm

Rink Sponsor

9. Ermel/Teeple Team

10. Cooperators team 3



Saturday March 7, 2020
12pm to 5pm
Walkerton Golf & Curling Club

Ryan Enright and associates

Hanover and Durham


5. Fidler Moving Team

6. Meridian Team

7. CMR team

8. Chesley Kinettes

 Register in teams of 4

[No experience necessary.]

  Mission:To match children and youth, who will benefit, with mentors who will help them build confidence and self-esteem.

Come and participate in one of the oldest team sports in the world, and make a difference in the lives of local kids at the same time. Whether you're an experienced or novice player, there will be plenty of fun for all. An introduction to curling will be provided, and all teams will play 2 games.   

* Cash bar available throughout event along with snacks & appetizers. There will be a  50/50 draw and prizes awarded for fundraising and game play.